Getting started

The innovative functions of the project to automate your communication.

Your ready-to-use smart website

Your smart website is your welcome gift to join our private club of companies and consumers: 1000Club.

It's ready-to-use.
In just a few clicks, you can manage it from your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

When you do not care about the design and the publication of new announcements or messages, know that we have assigned a certified webmaster to your account and that, in a few clicks, you can decide to entrust to him all or part the design and management of your site. It's not an obligation. The price is competitive for a fast and quality service.
The content presented on your homepage evolves dynamically according to the clearly identified interests of your connected visitors who, from now on, find without searching ... as if by magic ... without clicking!

They are no longer lost in sterile research.

With 1000Club, you will communicate more relevantly. We guarantee you a more effective impact.
The design and ergonomics of your site are essential to gain the trust of your prospects by offering them a quality experience.

That's why we invented a patent-pending system that generates billions of world-class templates for your homepage, publications, and private mailings. These templates change according to the content of your pages, which itself adapts in real time to the interests of your connected visitors.

Regarding your default presentation, you have the choice between:
  1. Manually change the design in one click.
  2. Program the dynamic change of your design according to dates, predefined periods or cycles.
  3. Let the system dynamically change the design of your site.
In the latter case, you have absolutely nothing to do. Everything is fully automatic. You instantly benefit from the world's finest templates.
To increase your ranking on traditional search engines, we have natively designed your site, your templates, and the structure of your publications, in accordance with the rules of search engine optimization. You benefit from our know-how in SEO without having to do anything.

For obvious reasons of competition between member sites - all can not be in first place on historical engines - we must create a distinction for the natural SEO of 1000Club sites according to different levels of membership.

In XML mapping (appreciated by Google robots), we give priority:
  • # 1 for Premium Diamond member sites.
  • # 2 for Premium Vip member sites.
  • # 3 for Basic + member sites.
  • # 4 for Basic member sites (Free).
Of course, this is more advantageous than if you had to pay an SEO expert for your isolated site.
By joining 1000Club, you are part of a private club of entrepreneurs and consumers.
The hub connects you to the members, thanks to the functions:
  1. FOLLOW - To subscribe to member news with one click.
  2. SHARING - To share other members' posts on your website and / or with your authorized subscribers.
  3. Systematic suggestion of new prospects, best manufacturers, subcontractors, suppliers, partners, distributors, resellers, investors, consultants, employees, etc., according to the evolution of your needs each time you log in to your user account.
Developed in HTML5, your website is optimized for all types of devices: smartphone, tablet, laptop, computer, TV, and overhead projector, as well as for all display dimensions.

HTML5 is essential for SEO. More than 50% of searches are launched from smartphones. When a site is not responsive, it's no longer ranked by Google.

With, you will not lose any potential customers!

1000Club guarantees that the information contained on this page is true and honestly stated, but does not bear any responsibility for errors or omissions.