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Share members' ads

With 1000Club, you can allow members to share your company profiles and articles on their website and / or with their subscribers.

This increases your exposure both inside and outside the hub. Advertising by recommendation is effective.

In 'Settings', simply uncheck the box to not allow sharing of an ad.

Only Private Posts can not be shared.

When they are allowed to share an ad, members just have to click on the sharing icons on the ad:
  • >> Website
  • >> Subscribers
Sharing is instant.
Allow members to share your publications increases your exposure both inside and outside the hub.

If you allow members to share an ad on their site, people outside of the 1000Club community will be able to see your ad.

When you allow members to share an ad with your subscribers, these subscribers receive the ad on their Newswire in the 'They shared' space.

Your communication strategy defines your sharing strategy.
When you sell a product / service online, a commission is automatically charged by 1000Club when paying by credit card (the only authorized means of payment).

1000Club pays a portion of this commission to members who bring you customers by sharing your publication.

Everything is automatic!

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