Getting started

The innovative functions of the project to automate your communication.

More accurate than traditional search engines

Traditional search engines try to understand the purpose of a page or site among tens of billions of possibilities, and they often indicate millions of results without actually showing you more than a thousand.

Since its inception, the 1000Club hub has been structured to accurately and meaningfully present buyers to sellers, manufacturers or suppliers to buyers, creators to investors, and anyone who rents, shares, or exchanges.

The search results reach a level of surgical accuracy with service-specific filters (for each database).

Thanks to the different segmented databases, the search engines are enriched with filters adapted to the requirements imposed by the subjects treated.

For example, filters are adapted to each service (database):
  1. Business Profiles
  2. Articles
  3. Private posts
  4. Career Management (in development)
  5. Real estate (forthcoming)
  6. Etc.
The search results are conditioned by:
  • Service used (database selected)
  • Choice of filters
  • Member ranking (most reliable are shown first)
  • Geo-location
Remember that the 1000Club hub, on each sign-in to your account, shows you the members that correspond to your specific needs: buying, selling, renting, sharing, exchanging (depending on your keywords and pages / sites that you share, or that you bookmark).

If needed, the multi-filter search engine of each service (database) allows to launch precise searches (at T times).

1000Club guarantees that the information contained on this page is true and honestly stated, but does not bear any responsibility for errors or omissions.