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The innovative functions of the project to automate your communication.

Your business intelligence in one click

The success of any business depends, in part, on its ability to innovate and gain new market share.

Knowing beforehand what is happening in a specific area allows you to anticipate market developments and protect yourself against competition.

Now, whenever a new publication matches your complex search criteria (multi-filter), an alert is triggered, and the publication appears on your Newsfeed.

Alerts are simple and effective ways to more accurately complement automatic member presentations so you do not miss any strategic information for your business. They produce the work of an employee who would spend his time (24/7/365) searching the web for anything that interests you.

When you start a multi-filter search, the results obtained are those that exist at the time of your search (T instant).

To dynamically update the results of your search (without further action on your part), just convert your search into alert. You will then see on your Newsfeed all the new publications that correspond to your search filters (Period T + n). Nothing is simpler: just click on the Alert icon (after launching a multi-filter search in Ads).
You can modify an alert at will by simply modifying the search filters for this alert.

The system will display on your Newsfeed the publications corresponding to your new alert (without however disappearing the old results).
Member ...
  • Premium Diamond: 6 alerts.
  • Premium VIP: 3 alerts.
  • Basic+: 1 alert.
  • Basic (Free): 0 alert.Important:
    1. If needed, you can get more alerts by selecting an individual package.
    2. Note that:
      • During the period of a Premium subscription, an alert can be modified at will.
      • After the expiration of a Premium subscription, an alert can not be modified: the original credit is consumed (except in case of renewal of a Premium subscription).
      • The alert created with a Basic+ subscription can not be changed.

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