Getting started

The innovative functions of the project to automate your communication.

Stay tuned and manage your authorized subscribers. provides a new, integrated, simpler and more efficient way to share your posts with members who subscribe to your news directly on your website or on the hub.

Thanks to Dynamic Circles whose subscribers are automatically updated according to your selection filters, 1000Club opens the door for agile communication. From now on, you will communicate in a targeted, massive, automated, and confidential way: with a surgical precision.

Having subscribers is a simple and effective way to inform, sell, and retain!

Thanks to Circles, whose authorized subscribers are dynamically updated according to your selection filters, you can now send the appropriate message to the target groups of your choice.

The more you are followed by other users, the better your ranking in our internal results.

To be followed, we recommend:
  1. Send invitations from your user account.
  2. Publish quality content pages.
  3. Share your posts on Google+, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Blogger, Pinterest, Tumblr, Delicious, Digg, Tencent, Weibo, Viadeo, Vkontakte, WeChat, etc., and ask your friends to like your shared messages.
The more users you follow, the better your ranking will be in our internal results (so the more users will discover you).

By subscribing to users, you appear in their space: Network. This will increase your exposure. Some will follow you. It's not necessarily reciprocal. Our goal is not to create meaningless interactions (unlike social networks, where everything is done so that you spend more time).
An unlimited number of members can follow you.

However, because Dynamic Circles consume large server resources, by default we limit the number of allowed subscribers who can receive your feeds. It depends on your level of membership (Plan):
  • Premium Diamond: 12,000 authorized subscribers.
  • Premium Vip: 3,600 authorized subscribers.
  • Basic +: 1,200 authorized subscribers.
  • Basic (Free): 500 authorized subscribers.
In 'Network', individually or according to certain criteria, you can choose the subscribers who are allowed to receive your news and those who can not receive them.
This is an effective way to limit the number of your authorized subscribers.

Our services are outstanding and our rates are competitive with the cost of sending emails. Most users do not have a large number of subscribers. So the free formula is satisfactory for them.

Regardless of your level of membership (Plan), you can increase the number of authorized subscribers by adding an Individual Package.

1000Club guarantees that the information contained on this page is true and honestly stated, but does not bear any responsibility for errors or omissions.