What sets us apart

Intelligent solutions to automatically develop your business.

Why communicate agilely?

Social networks allow you to send the same message to all your friends. They also allow you to create groups to limit the transfer of messages to only members of these groups. However, almost no one uses this feature which requires a manual update of these groups. For sorting, users do not have the time or desire to check thousands of friends for each group created. In most cases, they do not have the necessary information.

With agile communication, 1000Club.com changes the way to inform prospects, customers, suppliers, partners, distributors, re-sellers, employees, etc.

Regardless of your professional activities, the hub allows you to:
  1. Get new clients by adapting your messages to different target groups.
  2. Build customer loyalty by regularly capturing the attention of your most loyal customers in a personalized way.
When creating a Dynamic Circle, several filters are available and up to 3 filters can be saved.

To update your subscribers dynamically, the available filters are:
  1. Activity sector
  2. Profession
  3. Location
    • Country
    • State / Province
    • City
    • Postcode
  4. More personal
    • Language
    • Sexual Gender
    • Min Age
    • Max Age
The authorized subscribers of your Circles are updated automatically:
  • Depending on the saved filters.
  • Without manual and repetitive actions on your part.
Members whose characteristics match your filters are added to the appropriate Circles.

However, you can prevent authorized subscribers from receiving your news. To do this, you must suspend them in 'My 1000Club' > 'Network'.

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